Why Applying to Us

In order to get visa to Vietnam, you may choose one of two options including applying Vietnam visa at Embassy (traditional way, visa picked up at Vietnam Embassies) and Vietnam Visa on arrival with us (visa picked up at any Vietnam International Airports). However, each option seems to be quite different in terms of applicable applicants and procedure. Now, let’s learn more details about the two options of getting Vietnam visa.


Applicable applicants

  Vietnam Visa with us Vietnam Visa at Embassy
Applicants Only air-travelers via international airports All travelers with any means of transport


Procedure for getting Vietnam visa

1. Submitting visa application


Criteria Vietnam Visa with us Vietnam Visa at Embassy
Required documents With us: You need to fill into our secured application form online. This document is only required for getting approval letter. - Application form with signature and photo attached.
- Original passport or copy of original passport (for loose-leaf visa request).
Submitting documents

You only need to submit application online via our secured network, and then we will process your visa application to and do other necessary procedures with Vietnam Immigration Department. In case of any problem, we shall revolve the problem on your behalf.

(You can submit your application to Vietnam Immigration Department with the help of a licensed travel agency or organization in Vietnam pursuant to Article 13, Vietnam Government’s Decree No. 92/2007/ND-CP)

- In person or by post
- Might use services of a travel agent or organization in submitting the visa application
Fees - Service fee for visa approval letter arrangement (paid to travel agency when applying visa) – published on the website
- Stamping fee for visa stamp (paid to Vietnam Immigration Officers) – pay later in cash at airports when arriving in Vietnam
- Fee for stamping visa.
- Other current fees such as visa approval arrangement fee, processing fee, shipping, handling and expedited services…(depend on different embassies in different countries).
Tracking your application Client account provided by our website system support via phone, live chat and email Make a phone call to embassy or come in person to Vietnam Embassy to check the visa.


2. Processing time


Criteria Vietnam Visa on arrival Vietnam Visa at Embassy
Standard service 2 working-days around 5 working-days
Urgent service 2 working-hours to 1 working-day Around 1 to 2 working-days
Note: Visa processing time is different from embassy to embassy, so we suggest you contact your nearest embassy for more accurate information.


3. Getting visa stamped


Criteria Vietnam Visa on arrival Vietnam Visa at Embassy
When! When arriving at the Vietnam airports Along with original passports from Vietnam embassies
Where! At Immigration Counter at airports in Vietnam At Vietnam Embassy where you have applied for visa
How! Present approval letter, your passport and photos at Immigration Counter to have visa stamped onto your passport Visa already stamped onto your passport when embassies sent the passports back


4. Pros & Cons


  Vietnam Visa on arrival Vietnam Visa at Embassy
Pros - No need to send your original passport away
- A completely online process
- Taking only a short time to apply for a visa online, all that’s required is a computer with internet connection
- No dealing with immigration authorities. We deal with that on your behalf.
- Especially convenient for those who are on a trip to different countries and have no time to apply for a visa at Vietnam embassies
- Having visa already stamped onto your passport before getting on plane
- Dealing directly with Vietnam embassies
- Prepare all documents that required by Vietnam embassy
Cons - Queuing in front of Immigration Counter at arrival airports to have visa stamp (normally ca. 15 minutes)
- Possibly having names of other people on your approval letter
- Foreigners cannot apply for visa on arrival themselves, the application must go through travel agencies in Vietnam or organizations specifically authorized by Vietnam Immigration Office
- Parting with your original passport
- Having to drive to nearest embassies or sending documents by mail
- What if the nearest Vietnam embassy is too far from your place?
- What if you do not receive your passport by mail back?


Visa on arrival might be very convenient for tourists, especially those who are short on time to prepare for their trip or are going to Vietnam on a spontaneous decision.

For example, you are visiting Thailand and thinking that stopping in Vietnam would be a good idea since the country is only a few hours’ flight away. Why wait a few unnecessary days for visa from Vietnam embassy in Thailand while you can quickly apply for Vietnam visa on arrival with us and book the soonest flight to Vietnam?