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I have made a booking on the site but I have found a cheaper rate.

TUN Travel offers the following “Best Price Guarantee”. If you have reserved a hotel room through and then show us that you could book the same room for the same dates with the same conditions at a lower rate than is viewable and bookable on another website. We will either match that rate or beat it.

How can your travel agent makes the hotel rates so low?

We are the local tour operator, the owner of some local hotels and also it is the success of collaborate between us - the hotel partners and effective use of internet.
It is understandable since our philosophy is "We, the hoteliers are friends and we serve the travelers".

Are your room rates per person or per room?

The rates displayed are per room, NOT per person (unless otherwise specified). In some instances, a hotel limits the number of guests per room. To avoid additional charges when you check in, the number of guests must be accurate.

What does the room rate include?

The rate shown on the website is an average nightly rate, per room, for each room type displayed. The rates do not include taxes and service charge as well as extra charges (if applicable) such as an extra bed, gala dinner, mini-bar, or any other non-room charges. You can see if breakfast or anything else, such as internet, are included (unless stated).

To check the rate with taxes and service charges, please click the “Book Now” button to enter the booking form. The Booking Details on the left will have the breakdown of the rate. Please double check your booking details and grand total before you submit your booking. Please note that by selecting the “Book Now” button you are not submitting a booking.

Why is there more than one rate for the same room type?

Hotels offer varying rates due to promotions. This variance is determined by the hotel. 

Why isn't the current year being displayed in the dropdown menus for Check-in and Check-out dates?

The dates available for selection on our site are directly linked to the date and time set on your computer. Verify that your computer is set to the current date and time.

How long does it take to check if a room is available?

Availability is checked based on your search criteria. All rooms displayed are available at the time you make your search (in some special cases, we will contact and inform you about the availability within 24 hours).

How can I see the room rate in a currency of my choice?

Once you have selected where and your period of stay, you can then select the currency of your choice by clicking on the Currency box "Prices in" on the top right of page. Once selected the currency will automatically update to reflect the selected currency.

Why has the room rate changed?

Our hotel partners have the ability to change rates and promotions at any time. Market conditions, changes in strategy and availability are just a few reasons why you may experience this rate fluctuation.
In case you check the room rates of hotel, which you want to book, has reasonable price and you can accept it, please book it immediately. If your booking is confirmed, the room rate will not be changed.

The rates for the dates I have checked are not the same with the rates when I book. What do I do now?

Please note that room rates and availability are subject to change at any time. TUN Travel can not provide you with a quoted rate because of this variation.
You can get the most up-to-date rates and availability by going to the website, completing your travel information and book.

How many rooms are available?

The number of rooms available for your period of stay is displayed on the hotel page after you enter in your travel requirements (dates & destination).
If you wish to book more rooms than what are available, you will need to split into different room types or search for another hotel or please contact our Customer Support to help you.

Can I make a booking for a check in date of today?

Yes, this is possible as long as the room is available on our website when you make a search.

What if the hotel that I check is not available, does it mean that the hotel is fully booked?

Unfortunately there are no available rooms at your chosen Hotel for those dates, please choose one of the following options:

- Go back and search for more available hotels in your chosen destination. 
- Contact us and we will do our best to deal a room for you or recommend you a similar good hotel according to our experiences.

What should I do if I would like to book more than 8 rooms for a group?

If you need more rooms, please contact TUN Travel Customer Service and we will offer you the best rate and arrange available rooms.

Can TUN Travel recommend me a hotel?

Yes. We will do our best to find you and recommend you a good hotel according to our experiences.

Can I book a room type that is not listed?

No. Only those room types available will be displayed after you enter your travel requirements. 


Can I make a reservation directly through the hotel or other travel agents?

Yes. Please bear in mind that the rates listed on TUN TRAVEL's website are only available through our service. It's related online brands and are not available from the hotel or other travel agents directly.

Due to our close partnerships with major hotel groups and leading hotel room wholesalers we can offer highly discounted rates. If you would like to make a reservation directly with the hotel or other travel agents you will need to contact them directly.