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How do I redeem my TUN Travel Rewards points?

To redeem points for a booking, please login to your account on the first step of the booking form - the login link is at the top right of the page. Once you are logged in, you will see your point amount, please click on button Redeem and give how many points you want to redeem. After that, you will receive a discount code with worth of the points and please use the code on your booking to save money.

Or you can login to your account through My Bookings. Once you are logged in, please click on tab menu Rewards and you can redeem your rewards points to a discount code and use the code for your booking to save money.
Please note that points can only be redeemed for online booking only.

How long does it take before my Rewards Points are credited to my account?

Rewards Points are credited to your account 15 days after your departure date from the hotel or tour. After that you can use the reward points immediately!

How long are my Rewards Points valid?

Your Rewards Points are valid for 1 year: points earned any date in the present year will all expire on the date of the following year. Expired points cannot be reinstated and will be deleted from your account.

What should I do if I cannot log on to my reward account or have lost my username and password?

Your username is your registered email address. Your password is case-sensitive, so please check to ensure that you are entering the password correctly. You can request password retrieval by using the 'Forgot your password?' link below:

How do I transfer the points between accounts?

If you are transferring points from another member's account to your own account because you have used your Credit Card to pay for a booking, you must ask the account owner to e-mail to grant permission. You will receive points according to the amount that has been charged to your Credit Card. If you are transferring points between accounts registered under the same name, you must provide us with the proof that you are the owner of both accounts, which means registered names, contact details, and Credit Card details in both accounts must be the same. To request an account merge and transfer of points to an existing account and to terminate the new duplicate account, e-mail

But for your convenience, you can redeem your points to a discount code and use the code to save money for any other bookings under any other accounts.

Can I redeem my points for friends and family?

Yes. Points can be redeemed for your friends or family. You need only redeem your points to a discount code and use the code for any bookings of your friends and family.

Can I buy points?

No. Our Rewards Points cannot be bought.

Do I still earn points if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking no points will be earned even if a cancellation policy is applicable.

How can I earn points and how many points do I earn for each booking?

a) For bookings paid on the TUN Travel website, points earned are based on the full cash value charged to your invoice. For reservations made that require payment at the hotel, rewards are based on the room rate advertised on the TUN Travel website at time of booking. Every dollar spent, earns 20 rewards points. For example, if you make a booking worth US$ 1,000 and the full amount has been paid you receive 20,000 points on the transaction.

b) Rewards Points will be credited to your account for every booking you make, regardless of who the guests are. You can earn Rewards Points by booking a hotel stay or tour package for your friends and family too.

c) Once you've checked out of your hotel/tour, you'll be asked to provide feedback on your stay. You will receive this option via email approximately 2 days after you have checked out. Each completed hotel review will earn you 1.000 points. You can post a review either by clicking on the hotel review link in the departure email, which will be sent to you around 2 days after your check out date. You can also login to your account and click on the "Manage my Bookings" tab and then “Submit hotel review”.

How can I review a hotel and earn Rewards Points?

Only TUN Travel customers with a valid booking are allowed to submit a hotel review and earn Rewards Points. About 2 days after your departure from the hotel, you will receive an email inviting you to share your stay with other members. The email will contain a unique link leading to the review submission form, you need only click on the link and write your reviews. You can also log in your rewards member account and see the list of hotels where you stayed and that you haven’t reviewed yet.
As soon as you submit a review, you will receive 500 points into your rewards balance! 

Do I earn Rewards Points for bookings under the Best Price Guarantee policy?

Yes. Our Rewards Points will be given to bookings that are confirmed under the Best Price Guarantee policy. For more information on Best Price Guarantee, please refer to our Policies.

How do I become a member of TUN Travel Rewards?

TUN Travel Rewards membership is free. Simply submit a reservation request and you'll automatically be registered as a member of TUN Travel Rewards, or sign up at Sign Up. Your Rewads member ID is your email address and password will be sent to your e-mail address, so you can access your account and enjoy the benefits of TUN Travel Rewards. Please remember to change your password once you become a member.

How do I check my points balance and booking details?

You need to log in to your account at My Bookings and click on the “Rewards” tab to see Rewards details of your previous transactions. Your available points balance will be displayed on this page. On this page, you can also redeem the points to a discount code or check your transaction history.

I have entered the password sent to me and it says that the information is invalid." What am I doing wrong?"

Your password is case-sensitive, so please check to ensure that you are entering the password correctly. If you have used the correct details and are still having problems you can request password retrieval by using the 'Forgot your password?' or contact us immediately.

I have made a booking on the site but I have found a cheaper rate!

TUN Travel offers the following “Best Price Guarantee”. If you have reserved a hotel room through and then show us that you could book the same room for the same dates with the same conditions at a lower rate than is viewable and bookable on another website. We will either match that rate or beat it. Please contact us on the following link for further information: Contact us

I haven't redeemed points on the booking form. Do I still have the option to redeem?

Sorry but once the booking is submitted, point redemption or discount code is not allowed. If you wish to redeem your points and use your discount code, you will have to cancel the booking and resubmit it. We cannot confirm the room availability during this process.

I made a booking using points and would like to cancel it or shorten my stay. Will my points be refunded?

If you cancel a booking where your discount code were used, your discount code will be still valid. It means that your points will be refunded upon cancellation. For shortened-stay bookings where TUN Travel needs to refund you the reduced amount of the booking value, the points you have used for the booking will be refunded first. If the amount to be refunded exceeds the value of the points you have used, you will be refunded in cash in addition to the points.

Why can’t I redeem points?

If you have logged in and are still unable to redeem points to a discount code, it maybe because: - You do not have enough reward points in your account. The minimum level for points redemption is 5,000 points for 5 USD saving. If you have fewer than 5,000, you cannot redeem points. Please note that points can only be redeemed for paying online.

Why isn't my hotel review posted on the website?

All hotel reviews are screened by our editors before being posted on our website to ensure the content complies with our review guidelines. Any review that is deemed unsuitable for publication for any reason will not be posted on the website. We’re working hard to approve your reviews as soon as possible. Reviews will generally show on-site within 3 - 7 days, however this is dependent on volume. During high volume periods extended timelines may occasionally occur.