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I do not want to make a reservation online, what can I do?

You can:
- Reserve by Phone: +84 (4) 3923 0898 or + 84 (8) 3500 7222
- Reserve by Fax: +84 (4) 3824 3886
- At Hanoi Office: 24-26 Bat Su street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam.
- At Saigon Office: 74/13/3 Truong Quoc Dung Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
- Reserve by Email:
- Reserve by online chat


Can I book a hotel, that is not listed on your website?

If the hotel in which you are interested is not online, please let us know though our Customer Support Center or email to and we will try to get the details and book a room for you.

How can I go to your hotel from airport. Do hotels provide the pick-up service?

You can go to hotel by bus or taxi... So if you have a request, hotel will arrange a pick-up service for you. The standard price is depend on the location of the hotel. There are many hotels, that have the same name, so you must pay attention to the exact address of hotel.

Can I book a tour at the hotel?

Yes, you can easily book a tour or have free tour information at the hotel. But most of hotels will charge more service fee and will not be sure the best service for you. That's why you should book a tour at a tour company.

I paid a lot for a hotel room that fell way short of my expectations. Do I have any recourse in a situation like this?

Sometimes you may find yourself in a hotel room that looks nothing like the one described to you or pictured in an advertisement or brochure. If the advertisement or description was intentionally deceptive, the hotel may be guilty of fraud. The law generally allows a limited amount of exaggeration, or "puffing," in advertisements, but it does not allow intentional deception. When you find yourself in such a situation, your best bet is to talk to the manager immediately and the manager may be able to reduce your room charge or move you to a better room.

If your hotel room is unclean or unsanitary, report it to the manager and the housekeeping department immediately. If they are unable to clean your room to your satisfaction, request a new room or a refund. Should you end up in a serious dispute over the cleanliness of a room, the health and safety codes for the city or state where the hotel is located may provide the best support for your argument. Report any serious violation to local health authorities, not only to bolster your claims, but as a service to future guests. Take photographs of the offending conditions if you can.

Where do I keep my belongings?

Backpacks containing non-valuable items such as clothes and toiletries are usually left in the room. Valuables such as cameras, passports, mobile phone and money should always be safeguarded.
All hotels will have a safe storage area and many larger city Hotels will have lockers in the rooms for your backpack. Theft is relatively uncommon in hotels but it would be nice to keep it that way. Either keep valuables with you or place them in the hotel's safekeeping facilities.
If you do have something stolen, report it immediately to the management! While hotels are not responsible for lost or stolen items, you will be helping in the effort to catch thieves.

Is the hotel responsible if my belongings are stolen?

Traditionally, hotels were liable for virtually all loss or theft of a guest's property. Today, however, most cities limit a hotel's liability if it takes certain steps to protect your belongings. For cash, jewelry and other valuables, a hotel is required to provide a safe. Most cities require that the hotel tell you that the safe is available, that the hotel has limited liability for valuables left in the safe and that the hotel may have no liability if you do not place valuables in the safe.

he limitation of liability also includes a limitation for clothing and other personal goods you bring to the hotel. While you are not required to check expensive suits or mink stoles at the front desk as valuables, clothing and expensive luggage often exceed the amount of the hotel's maximum liability.

Generally, these limited liability laws were passed to protect hotels from forces beyond their control, such as fire or theft. If the hotel fails to use reasonable care to protect your valuables (for example, it leaves the safe unlocked), it will probably be liable for the full value of your loss.

Is the hotel responsible if I am the victim of a crime at or near the hotel?

A hotel cannot be held liable for crimes committed on or near the hotel premises unless it should have anticipated the crime (for example, the hotel is in a very high crime area) and could have prevented it, either by providing sufficient warnings or taking better security measures. In such situations, the hotel's general duty to warn you about dangerous conditions may extend to a duty to warn about crime in or around the hotel.
Furthermore, the hotel's actions -- such as failure to install proper locks on windows and doors, provide adequate lighting in parking areas or take adequate measures to ensure that passkeys are not used by criminals -- may make the hotel at least partially liable.

I am unhappy with my hotel. Can you help?

We aim to please. Please note though that due to the high number of hotels in our system we cannot monitor the quality for each and every hotel. Hotels do change management and consequently quality of service may change.

If you feel that the hotel does provide you with inadequate services please do let us know and write your review about the hotel to us, we will public it.
Note: we can not refund just because you do not like the reserved room, so please check carefully before booking.

Do I have a right to privacy in my hotel room?

If you are using your room in a normal way, not engaging in illegal acts or disturbing other guests, then you have a limited right of privacy in your room. But if the hotel management believes that you are carrying out illegal activities (such as dealing drugs), it is entitled to enter and search your room, even without your permission. The hotel management cannot, however, authorize the police to search your room without your permission or a search warrant.

The hotel management also has the right to enter your room to clean or perform needed maintenance, or if necessary, to stop you from disturbing other guests (for example, if you are playing the television very loudly) or destroying hotel property.

It is generally considered a violation of your privacy if the hotel tells an outside person the number of your room. The hotel can tell an inquirer whether you are a guest at the hotel and connect any caller to your room. If you wish to maintain complete privacy, you must make it clear to the management that you are not to be contacted by anyone and that no one is to be told whether or not you are staying at the hotel.

Do I have the right to a particular hotel room?

No. A hotel manager can put you anywhere or move you from one room to another, as long as it is not done in a discriminatory way. The only exception is if you've reserved a certain room, like the honeymoon suite for your honeymoon.

If it's crucial for you to have a particular room, make sure the hotel management knows in advance and that you receive written confirmation for your reservation of that particular room. If the room you reserved is occupied by other guests, the management may, but is not obligated to, move those guests to another room. (A hotel can satisfy its obligation to you simply by providing a room comparable to the one you reserved.) If the room is uninhabitable (say, a water pipe breaks), then the hotel is excused from providing that particular room.